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#10YearChallenge: Here’s What Changed in a Decade


See how much your favourite celebrities have transformed in the last 10 years.

#10YearChallenge: Here’s What Changed in a Decade
Dia Mirza posted this picture on Instagram.
I woke up today, the same. Scratched the dirt out of the corner of my eyes and refused to give up the comforts of my cozy bed.

Still lying down, I hopped on to the usual social media surfing business trip, opened my Facebook page and clicked on the first story flashing on the wall. There, I could spot a familiar face, and beside it, a not so familiar one. I let it slide. Then, I surfed some more and finally went about trying to free myself from the magnetic pull of the bed.

So ignorant that I did not realise that I had practically surfed past the first viral internet challenge of 2019.

If you are like me then #10YearChallenge is a throwback to your older life. Meaning, you can see people sharing pictures of their transformation in the last 10 years. Now joined in by millions across the globe, #10YearChallenge has become a rage. Following suit, many Bollywood celebrities took up the challenge too.
Bipasha Basu, Dia Mirza and Sonam Kapoor took to Instagram and shared their images from the past and present.

Their counterparts in the west, namely Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Hart and Jessica Biel gave the #10YearChallenge a hilarious turn when they posted their pictures from 10 years before.

After thorough analysis, I have summarised that sadly I can’t be part of this trending challenge. It would require me to take leave from work. Then I’ll have to take a bumpy bus ride back to my home town, provided I get the tickets soon enough. But the most difficult part would involve searching, amid limited polaroids from 10 years before, the perfect instagrammable pic. And I am a lazy fellow. Hope you are not!

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