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5 most haunted places of Uttar Pradesh


You might not accept but you must acknowledge that spirits and supernaturals live among us and apart from this real world, there exists a world about which we are hushed to talk about.

When it comes to the most haunted places in India – the land of mystery and supernaturals, Bhangarh Fort tops our list. but what if we say that (our) Uttar Pradesh is no less?

So if you believe that the dead do come back to us, the buildings do speak about the tragic past they have witnessed, the wind does scream of the testimony of the cold brutalities, The Second Angle will tell you some unexplainable experiences, spooky enough to give you goosebumps.

Here is the list :

1 Bara Imambara, Lucknow

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Bara Imambara holds the central place in Lucknow’s tourism. This magnificent building is not only strikingly remarkable but also is reminiscent of the Awadhi culture and architecture.

The construction of this beautiful building started in the year 1784 when the province was hit by a severe famine. So much so was the disaster of the famine that even the Nobels were reduced to destitution, leave alone the common masses. Hence to curb the unemployment, the emperor of Awadh, Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula asked the best architects of the time to design a grand prayer hall for the city of Lucknow. After finalizing the composition designed by Kifayatullah, an architect from Delhi, the Nawab laid the foundation of the most splendid building of the province – Bara Imambara.

Since the construction and famine both lasted for 11 years, the building has witnessed a lot of innocent men, women, and children dying out of hunger .the ghosts and screams of the place.

The most attractive part of this monument – the Bhul Bhulaiya or labyrinth has its own stories to tell . due to confusing mazes, many people who dared to tour without the guard, never returned.

The edifice also has a “Tehkhana” which Britishers used to lock up the freedom fighters. The walls of the Tehkhana still holds the tortured souls of the innocent people and the cries of their close family members.


2 GP Block, Meerut  




There is a dilapidated double story, haveli-styled building in Meerut which is considered haunted by all the natives.

Many incidents have been reported by the inhabitants as well as the tourists where they claim to have seen three or four young men sitting around a table, chatting and drinking under a solitary lighted candle.

People also mentioned about seeing an apparition of a lady, clad in red sari getting in and out of the house.

The building has been abandoned for years but these sightings keep on repeating over and over again. There is no absolute story behind the presence of these ghosts, but the place is taken up by the spirits, that is for sure.

4 St. John’s College, Agra

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Constructed in the year 1850, St. John’s College is one of the most famous and reputed colleges in Agra.

People, primarily students, claim to have witnessed a shadow, walking and whistling on the railing of the college. The apparition is seen only after midnight and sometimes mysterious sounds are also heard by the students.

The reason behind these paranormal activities is said to be the many suicides committed by the students.

Some rooms of the college are also locked for many years and the reason behind it was not even disclosed to the teaching staff of the college.

5 Sikandra Bagh, Lucknow

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Wajid Ali Shah constructed the marvelous villa and garden of Sikandar Bagh in 1800. Apart from being a crucial historical place, Sikandra Bagh is also famous for being the most haunted place in Lucknow.

The monument has been a silent witness to the cold brutalities of the Britishers and the innocent Indians, who were subjected to their tortures.

According to the reports, 72 Britishers were killed taking the life of 2300 Indian freedom fighters in Sikandra Bagh during the national movement of Indian independence. The atrocities of the British do not end here. Even after this mass killing, the British did not allow the family members of martyrs perform the burial rituals or ceremony to bury the dead. Their dead bodies were left to rot in the open garden of Sikandra Bagh till they were eaten by vultures and crows and eventually decomposed by the earth.

So from that time till the current times, people have heard the creepiest noises during the dark of night and various mysterious apparitions have been seen to disappear in the air.

Locals also talk about witnessing spirits and shadows roaming in the fields of Sikandra Bagh.

6 Naini Railway Station, Allahabad

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The Naini railway station is situated near the Naini Jail where the Britishers used to imprison freedom fighters during the time of national movement. The freedom fighters were subjected to many cruelties and tortures. Hence, many of them perished away in that jail.

So many people have always felt a ghostly presence in the station. Though they have not particularly ‘seen’ any figure or shadow, it is always felt.

Albeit, the intensity of horror is not much in this place, as compared to the aforementioned places, yet people do believe that the spirits of the dead do roam around the station and tracks after the nightfall.

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