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5 Outrageous Things You’ll Only See In Dubai


One destination on the map of every traveller’s bucket list is the city of Dubai. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, it is year in and year out one of the richest places on earth. With that being said, there are multiple things that you can only experience there, and that’s why today Top 5 Supreme brings to you 5 Outrageous Things You’ll Only See in Dubai!

#5 World’s Largest Manmade Island:

Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is perhaps the most audacious engineering project the world has ever seen. The manmade island is constructed from nothing but sand and rock and is so vast that it can actually be seen from space. The island, which has been built in the shape of a palm tree, houses over 10 thousand residents and is home to dozens of high-end hotels and resorts. Because of the materials used to build the island, the construction of Palm Jumeirah has often been challenged due to the natural erosion of the sand used to build it. However, the island is thriving today and is one of the most beautiful places in the world.



#4 Smart Palms:

Smart Palms

So how many times have you been touring a new city or walking along a beach and noticed that your phone is dying? Well if you happen to be in Dubai, just walk up to a palm tree! That’s right, Smart Palms are a staple here. Solar powered energy stations have been constructed to offer recharging points for phones and tablets, and also off the latest weather updates, give you the conditions of the tourist information and other topical updates. As if that’s not enough, if you’re out of data on your device you can simply connect to the wireless hotspot beaming from the palm tree!


#3 7-Star Hotel:

There’s only one 7-star hotel in the world, and it’s found in Dubai. The Burj Al Arab is luxury incarnated. Situated on its own island, the hotel will literally fly you in on the helicopter, each room comes equipped with floor to ceiling windows with panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf, and is equipped with an iPad, a 21-inch iMac, and widescreen interactive smart TVs. Outside of the beautiful room, which all have multiple rooms within them, each guest gets access to the hotel’s recently refurbished private beach, along with complimentary shuttle service to many different tourist areas nearby, including Wild Wadi Waterpark, one of the best waterparks you’ll ever experience.


#2 Camel Cuisine:

Who’s in the mood for some camel burgers? At Local House, a restaurant found in the tourist hub of Dubai, camel burgers have become the new hit cuisine. Claiming that the lean, beef-like meat contains no fat or cholesterol, if you require a little more ‘junk’ in your junk food, then be sure to wash your burger down with a camel milkshake! Other unique Dubai cuisine is stuffed camel, al hares (a traditional dish made of meat and wheat), shawarma (roasted meat cooked on a revolving spit then shaved and served with garlic sauce, fries and tomatoes), and even hummus.

#1 Gold in the ATM:

Now we all know that you must have a pretty decent amount of money in your bank account if you want to visit a place like Dubai, but even knowing that didn’t prepare me for what even I just discovered about this rich city. You can withdraw gold out of an atm. Yes, that gold. At several places throughout the city, you can purchase gold on the go, and use it for whatever you would normally use small pieces of gold for. Some may think that it’s crazy that you’d need a piece of gold so bad that you’d buy it from a machine, similar to buying a soda, but officials have stated that the sales have crushed their expectations!

So, who’s up for a trip to Dubai? Where can you fly into a hotel on a helicopter, dine on camel cuisines or buy gold on the go? Let us know when you grab your plane ticket because maybe you could buy for us too! If you like this list, leave a comment and share with all of your friends! And don’t forget to subscribe to our Mail list so you never have to miss out on any of our interesting Post ever again!

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