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Atul Ahire – The Dutiful Officer, restores faith in Humanity


With fading notions of humanity and even the very instances of it from this world, you will find crime against women and children becoming more common these days.

Be it sexual harassment, assault, molestation or rape – crime against women and children is keeping no limits and still, not even the ounce of it is reaching the ears of the concerned authorities which otherwise should have been solved by now.

What shall I say further? In today’s changing scenario where on one hand our women are persistently making our country proud by bringing  golds one after another, earned with a lot of hard work and perseverance, they are being robbed off their life by being harassed, molested, assaulted or raped by some miscreants in our own land making it a matter of national shame.

Meanwhile, when these instances were making us to lose faith in humanity, a traffic constable from Gamdevi went beyond the call of duty on Saturday, ensuring a sexually assaulted and unconscious five-year-old girl got medical help immediately.

On Saturday evening, constable Atul Ahire found a small crowd looking at something on the ground outside a food outlet near Mahalaxmi temple. When he went closer to investigate, he saw a child lying unconscious on the footpath. Ahire asked the people around about the child but no one was aware of what happened. He then checked the girl’s pulse and found she was alive.

A police officer added, “He picked up the child and rushed her to a doctor’s clinic across the road.”

Further- “The doctor, after examining the child, told Ahire that she had been sexually assaulted and possibly poisoned and needed to be taken to a hospital.”

The child was taken to Breach Candy Hospital which was at the closest proximity.

“When the hospital demanded a security deposit, Ahire gave them his credit card and requested them to start the treatment,”. The girl was admitted to the ICU.

The Gamdevi cops were then informed, who checked the bag of the victim.

“Inside which we found an ID card of a school through which we contacted the girl’s parents,” said another officer. The parents were called to the police station and they notified that their daughter had been abducted the same morning.

CCTV footage of the spot where the child was found shows her with a woman, who later abandoned her after she fainted. “We are trying to trace the woman and will find her soon,” said Pravin Padwal, Additional Commissioner (south region). A case has filed at Gamdevi police station against unknown persons.

Though what Ahire did, was what one should have done for the very sake of humanity but truly, it is the human act for which he should be recognised in order to set an example for the other cops, men and even the higher authorities that action should be taken on spot in these cases and any delay would cause that child her life. The delay in justice would cause our nation to lose its peace and dignity and many of our lives at the hand of some elements which cannot be even punished as they are unknown to the eyes of the law.

In the end, police officers like Ahire restore faith in humanity and should always be recognised for their good work and the civilians are grateful to such officers.




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