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about us

The Second Angle is about the mass no one wants to listen to. What makes us different is that we are undisciplined, independent and youth-oriented online media platform which ventures to shift the angle of the news from the crowd-pullers to the crowd. In the process of achieving our goal to keep the news unbiased and youth-oriented our team of young-guns tries to challenge the stereotypes, the taboos and the lines that define what should be told and should not be revealed.

Our team is an ally of engineering students, students of social sciences and arts, management graduates and even a school-goer who are dedicated to bring out the stories that were either over-looked or ignored by the mainstream media organizations. While the website would primarily feature regular stories in form of blogs and articles, we’d not stick to it alone. We would bring out the stories in form of animation, videos, short films and images.


Hooked an idea?

We want to change the angle of the news from those in limelight to those who should be the custodian of the crown. Yes, we are talking about you.

The crowd has to be the custodian of the crown and that’s what were we told in our Political Science classes. What’s the phrase they say –For the people, Of the people and By the people! So here we are, for you and by you. Pitch us your story ideas, queries, opinions and views about anything you feel strongly about at It can be your personal experience about something or something that happened next to your locality. Until you feel it’s important, we feel it should be told. Your email will be replied to by our team in three days.


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