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Adopting 51 Underprivileged Kids on his Birthday shows that this Man’s got a Golden Heart


A passionate educationist, a globally renowned leadership guru and management thinker, Dr Shailesh Thaker has started a new initiative is worth applause. On his 58th birthday, this cognitive psychologist decided to celebrate his big day with 51 underprivileged kids. Not just did he celebrate the day with these kids but also decided to adopt them all!

This journey started when a couple shifted on a street, right opposite to Shailesh’s house, along with four children. He would always get goodies and food for them. But very soon he realised that he is not helping them by giving them all those gifts. That inspired him to start Chanydo, an NGO that works for providing free education to street children across Gujarat. He admitted all the 51 kids in Chandyo from poorest of the poor families to educate them and provide them with a secure environment for a better future.

The kids were selected through a test that was conducted and approved by a city-based psychiatrist Dr Himanshu Desai. The students are admitted in standard 1 in English medium schools under RTE.

Chandyo has a team of 25 people including psychiatrists, educationists, reading experts, nutritionists, and child development experts. Chandyo takes care of the students from schooling till employment. Since educating so many kids was not an easy task, Shailesh also joined hands with a few other NGOs to take care of the students.

Indeed India is growing rapidly with more such people coming forward and taking the responsibility solely!

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