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After Snapchat it’s time for YouTube! Instagram comes up with IGTV


Over the years Instagram became one of the most used social media apps which started as an app where one could share his or her photos. Not known to many, but it became one of the most trending photo sharing app overnight!  Crazy right? Surely it is.

Last year, Instagram took aim at Snapchat and this year Instagram is taking aim at none other than but Youtube!

On Wednesday, Instagram held a food and influencer conference wherein they shared a brief idea about their new app, ‘ The Instagram IGTV’.

So what’s an IGTV?

It’s an app of Instagram where one can watch videos of 10 minutes which was initially limited to 1 minute. There will be exceptions for creators having massive audiences. The ‘ special’ ones can post videos up to 60 minutes.


Instagram chief executive, Kevin Systrom said that “ videos is the way we hang out with friends, the way we pass our times but the way we watch it is changing’.

They also added that nowadays teenagers watch online updates and videos more and Tv programmes less.

For now, all the videos will be prerecorded but in future, they might have the live recording as well!

However, the super interesting part of this app is that all the videos will be shot vertically, which is how it is usually done in smartphones these days. This could be revolutionary since most of the videos are shot in landscape or horizontal mode.

The company hopes that it would be used by popular users like Vine Star Lele Pons, who has 25 million followers.

Not only this, this app will have the channel as well which will belong to the creator.

They believe that IGTV is something that will be absolutely new for the world to talk about and hope that this app to have billion monthly users, according to some figures in e-marketer.


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