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Asian Games 2018 is just round the corner and India is all set to make it’s mark!


Asian Games 2018, officially known as 18th Asian Games or even Jakarta Palembang 2018, is a pan Asian multi-sport tournament scheduled to be held from 18th August 2018 to 2nd September 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The moto is ‘Energy of Asia’! ( Indonesia- Energy Asia)

Now,  let us find out what are the new additions this year!

In March 2017, the Olympic Council of Asia,  initially confirmed that there will be 484 events in 42 sports, which includes 28 permanent Olympic sports contested at the 2016 Summer Olympics, the five additional sports that are added in  the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, and also, other  non-Olympic sports in April 2017. However, the OCA approved reductions in the programme in response to cost concerns; Belt wrestling, Cricket, Kurash, Skateboarding,Sambo and surfing were dropped from the tournament and there was a  reduction in the number of competitions in bridge, jet ski, sport climbing, taekwondo etc (in particular, all non-Olympic weight classes), and wushu reducing the total no of sports to 431.

Though  unveiling of the final programme in September 2017, revealed an increase of 462 events in 40 disciplines, making this tournament the second-largest programme in Asian Games history. Additional disciplines being introduced at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo  were also added, including 3×3 basketball and BMX freestyle.

For the first time in Asian Games history, ‘esports and canoe polo will contested as demonstration sports, where ‘esports’ will be a medal event at 2022 Asian Games.

How is India preparing this time and what all sports they are taking part in?

In the last Asian Games, India sent 541- member contingent of athletes, out of which 277 were men and 247 women.

This time IOA announced that 524 athletes will be sent to Indonesia where they will  vie for medals in 36 disciplines.

8 new sports disciplines have been added where our country has shown promise.

The new additions are

  • Karate
  • Pencak Silat
  • Roller Skating
  • Sambo
  • Soft tennis
  • Triathlon
  • Kurash

Barring these sports, India will be participating in Water sports,Badminton,Basketball, Bowling, Kabbadi  Athletics etc.

Athletics will have the highest no of representation with 52 eyeing for medals.

In June, the IOA had submitted a provisional list to the Sports Ministry which had names of 2370 athletes and officials. Now, the final list have been pruned down to 524 athletes who have  attained the qualification criteria in their respective disciplines.

Though this time we won’t see our Indian Football Team play due to several reasons stated by the IOA which was strongly condemned by AIFF, but every Indian is looking forward to some extraordinary performances in this esteemed tournament and also, waiting for our players to make it bigger and better than before.

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