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Bharat Seva Dal: Reuniting Loved Ones


The story of two people getting separated from each other in Kumbh Mela might sound fictional and filmy, but such incidents happen in real life also. One such incident happened in 2003 Kumbh Mela. From a small village of Madhya Pradesh, a 73-years-old farmer had arrived with her younger sister-in-law Saraswati Devi at the Kumbh Mela. While they were roaming around in the Mela, in the crush and chaos of the crowd which was expected to number about 100 million, they got separated and got lost.

Saraswati was wandering in panic until she met a police officer who escorted her to the tent of BHARAT SEVA DAL.


Raja Ram Tiwari, the 86-years-old social worker is the founder of Bharat Seva Dal which was established in 1946, his first Kumbh Mela. It is a charity group that helps family members to reunite.

A few years back, the festival was held in every three years and was attended mostly by elderly people. Once Raja found an elderly woman who was crying after getting separated from her peers. He then crafted some tin into a makeshift megaphone and called out her relative’s names until they were reunited. He has devoted himself in the service of people and for Kumbh Mela. His methods have become more organized and dozens of volunteers now abrade the grounds for the families to help them reunite.

He thus has played a major role in every Kumbh Mela by reuniting more than a million families or lost ones with their relatives.

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