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Class 11 Student Allegedly Offered A Ride By Classmate, Gang-Raped In A Moving Car In Greater Noida


Teen, Allegedly Offered A Ride By Classmate, Gang-Raped In Moving Car Near Delhi

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Teenager forced to have drink laced with drug and gang-raped in moving car, say police

Greater Noida: 
A Class 11 student was picked up by a classmate who offered to drop her home, and gang-raped for hours inside a moving car last week in Greater Noida, near Delhi. After driving around for a few hours, the three attackers dropped her off on the roadside.

Two people have been arrested.

The girl, 16, has told the police that last Wednesday, she missed her school bus and was walking home alone when a classmate and his friend stopped their car and offered to drop her home. The boys allegedly forced her to have a drink laced with drugs and gang-raped her. She alleges that she was gagged.

The girl was missing for hours before she was found by the police in an unconscious state, on a deserted stretch of the road.

“We received information from the girl’s father that on April 18, she could not be found and based on his statement a First Information Report was filed against three people. We have caught the main accused and another youth, while a third one is still on the run,” said Awneesh Kumar, a senior police officer.

This is the latest incident to be reported amid nationwide anger over a spurt in child rapes this year. It started with the gang-rape, torture and murder of an eight-year-old in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kathua in the first week of January.  The girl was kept in a local temple, drugged, starved and raped repeatedly before being killed.

Yesterday, a similar case emerged from Haryana;s Yamuna Nagar, where a 13-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped by four men near a temple. Over the weekend three girls were raped and four minors were sexually assaulted in separate incidents in Uttar Pradesh. Three cases were reported in Uttar Pradesh’s Rampur, Amroha and Kannauj districts and a fourth one was reported in Muzaffarnagar. In Rampur and Amroha, the accused were juveniles, between 11 and 12 years, said the police.

Amid huge public outcry over the Kathua and Unnao rape cases, the government has amended the law through an executive order to bring in the death penalty for child rapists.

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