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Hunger knows no Friend but its Feeder


“There are people in the world so hungry , that God cannot appear to them in the form of bread.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Nobody knows the feeling of Starvation better and what it feels to sleep hungry than the one who dedicated his entire life for the cause. Azhar Maqsusi from Hyderabad is one such person who has been feeding freshly-cooked meals to hundreds of hungry people daily without any bias.

He initiated Hunger Has No Religion with a few packets of cooked meals five years ago. However, they distribute meals at eight different places and to 1000 people every day. Somewhere in the year 2012, he was forced to take an unusual route when his scooter got punctured. So, he decided to take a train and on his way, he came across a handicapped woman who was begging and crying for food. That moved Azhar so much that he handed over his tiffin to her and that was when he decided to feed hungry people on his own.

Azhar wants to ensure that every person should get at least one meal. He does not want anyone to sleep hungry, as he knows the pain of hunger. He was only a child when his father passed away and his mother single handed raised him and his siblings. Many a time he had to go to sleep hungry.

Azhar has a small business. Initially, he used to bear all expenses himself and gradually, as more people got aware of it more support came forward. But Azhar refuses to take any support in cash but accept only in kind.

In this relentless movement, Azhar showed great passion and determination he has for the betterment of society and humanity. We need more Azhars and more of such initiatives to save people from starvation.

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