Adjust Your Focus

Is art all about creativity?


What does it take to be an artist, writer, painter etc…art?
Creativity I guess, a lot of it!
But only creativity?

Then what?

Freedom, fighting abilities, leadership qualities and last but not the least patience!
Creativity is that which one is born with, it’s when things are absolutely fine that is what we call an absolute condition.

But in our society, such artists, writers, painters do not qualify as doctors and engineers do.
They are looked over as unpaid or unemployed beings creating and living in delusion.
Tell me which father said about his newborn child that-” I want him to be a painter when he’ll grow up “.

Right! No father have ever imagined his son or his daughter with large specs or jhollas or roaming in a khadi kurta creating landscapes of colors or words. Yes! A khadi kurta and jhollas are what they understand of a writer or any other artist. Moreover, whoever chose to be one of a kind, is looked over as a person with sadness or depression.

Yeah, haven’t you ever heard  Bollywood proclaiming-“toote dil se hi sangeet nikalta hai”.
So, it goes like, a good piece of art requires you to get your heart broken, fall into depression and then be appreciated for such a difficult struggle.

“See, tears and struggles are what you need, to get a fame while creativity remains shielded as a God gift and not an art that’s been nourished and nurtured by hard work”-as a fact established by TRP’s of several reality shows.

So, what people embrace is a lot of tears, sadness, deaths and not simple happy colors of creativity.

I tell you a story, not particularly of some Cinderella or Oliver but generally of any guy or girl fighting to create a society where the coming generation do not have to fight to become what they wanted to be- a chef, a writer, a painter and not just a person selecting an occupation because its overrated and a society-claimed respectable job.

“Woah! Dad I got selected in APJ university!”-smirked Ibrahim when his MBBS result appeared on a laptop screen. Suddenly the whole atmosphere turned into a celebration but wait! What about Zehra? Is she selected or not? She too gave the exam? Expectations of parents looked towards the twin sister expecting her to get the same result. But Oops! No, it’s not selected for her! The celebration took a halt!

Suddenly the tears ran through her eyes and she ran into her room and closed the door behind.
Days went by and Zehra was enrolled in a coaching center for another attempt. But the copies meant for formulas always came back with pictures of roadside beggars, sketches of birds flying high and cliche cartoons.

Zehra is not the only one in the picture, they are many who are living under a peer-pressure of becoming something they never aspired to be. Millions of like her living in a delusion, Millions of like her eating what they hate. But millions of like her not been given a chance to embrace what they truly are!

Moreover, beside this as one part of the story, there is another part of the story too. With people becoming aware of intellectuality, creativity has witnessed a boom, as a number of fests and workshops are being organized for people of all profession and occupation. But the question remains when will we truly accept the art forms our country was once enriched with and not just see them as hobbies but occupations?

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