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Mother had to give up on child for social acceptance in Purulia!


A young tribal woman of Purulia district of West Bengal reported that she had to give up on her two months old baby for social acceptance. The Santhal fold in Purulia forbids matrimony outside the community.

Abandoned by her husband, who is from another tribal community, this week the woman had to leave her baby in the care of a policeman who runs a school for tribal children.

 Had I returned to my village with my baby, she would have been murdered as I had married an outsider’- said the mother.

‘How could I let my baby be killed? I had heard about the school where tribal children where some of them are orphans, are growing up. My child will be safe there’


She further added that she had made the policeman promise never to reveal to her daughter or anyone else who her mother was!


Though the version of the newspaper couldn’t be obtained but the people familiar with tribal culture informed that the mother’s account matched the practices followed by some tribal communities in Purulia.

The policeman further added that the women reached out to him an afternoon with the swaddled baby and she narrated her plight!

The policeman also said that he found out about her village and he was told that the baby will die if he wouldn’t accept the baby!

 Having been on the run for months and then left by her husband, the woman had been incapable of fending for herself or her child.

After entrusting the baby with the policeman, the women returned home. The policeman said he would take care of the child.


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