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Mother-Son duo started Vegan Milk Business, Encouraging Veganism to stop Animal Abuse


From agriculture to dairy, the younger generation is coming up with bright entrepreneurial ideas and the new techniques which are not just organic but also, a good source of money for the farmers. With increasing awareness about animal abuse, people are gradually switching to veganism, cutting down their consumption on animal products. Be it switching from paneer to soybean or animal milk to vegan milk.

Inspired by the same and determined to promote, Abhay Rangan, a 22- year-old animal lover started a vegan milk business along with his mother and today they made their way in the dairy industry.

What is vegan milk?

Vegan Milk
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Vegan milk is prepared from a variety of fruits and flowers rather than extracting it from animals. Therefore refraining from the use of cattle.

Abhay, an engineering student, does the manufacturing and marketing of the milk. He started this business a few months back along with his mother. He would travel 500 Km covering entire South India from  Bengaluru to achieve his supply target.

However, his exhausting journey ended when he started his website for selling the products online.

Initially, Abhay would prepare milk using household utensils but gradually he started using the required machinery and began with Veganarke. He feels that even though there are many animal activists, not many people are working on it.

Since the technique is expensive, Abhay is researching on cheaper methods for manufacturing so that the investment is under control. Therefore, he started with almond and coconut milk as they are cheap and easily available.

Abhay Vegan

Along the journey, he met another animal activist who raised Rs.2.5 crore for the venture. The funds which are used for massive business expansion. Abhay also started a non-profit organization SARV (Society for Animal Rights And Veganism) at the age of 16 to promote veganism and animal rights.

Thus, with more people adopting veganism, we hope that we will be able to stop animal abuse and give them the required love.

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