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Police Solve “Blind” Case Of Graphic Design Student Stabbed To Death In Delhi


Police Solve 'Blind' Case Of Graphic Design Student Stabbed To Death In Delhi

The police had to work with almost no evidence to solve the month-old murder case (Representational)

New Delhi:  A 21-year-old man was found murdered on March 21 in Subhash Place in Delhi. A lack of evidence baffled the police to the extent that they called the case a “totally blind” one. But on Saturday, the police made a breakthrough in the case and arrested three people for the crime.

The 21-year-old graphic design student was stabbed, and he died on the way to the hospital, police said on Sunday. 19-year-old Irshad, 22-year-old Vishal and a juvenile have been arrested for the crime, they added. He was killed allegedly after a fight with his friends over the sharing of a cigarette.

The team that was investigating the crime had only one clue to work with – the accused were on a two-wheeler. The police got their next clue when a friend of the victim told them that a fight had broken out between the student and the accused over the sharing of a cigarette on the night that he was eventually killed.

The team then scanned footage from nearly 100 CCTV cameras to locate the bike, senior officer Aslam Khan told news agency Press Trust of India. They then focused on the area where the bike was last seen in one of the cameras and arrested the three accused. The three of them, who are residents of JJ Colony in North Delhi’s Shakurpur, confessed to the crime after sustained investigation, police said.

The accused have been charged with murder, robbery and robbery with an attempt to cause death or grievous injury.

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