Adjust Your Focus

Robin Uthappa’s this transformation is your new fitness goal!


Robin Uthappa, the Indian skipper was never really unfit or out of shape in his entire career, but he knows the importance of fitness for real. He shared an image of his transformation on social media today, where he can be seen how he has transformed after gained a few extra kilos and was a little flabby earlier.

He had visible abdominal structure but with layers of fat on top of it. Now he’s a lot more muscular having got rid of the fat and added lean muscle mass on his body. Though just his torso is visible in the picture he has dropped considerable levels in terms of body fat percent.

His face looks pretty puffed up in the before image and has a very much defined jaw line in the most recent image. Uthappa has been sharing his progress on Instagram with videos and images. He often posted snippets from his workout sessions.


As known from his social media posts, the transformation took him around 6 months (he started it in September as per his post) which is a good enough time to bring about such a change in the body. It requires a lot of discipline, obviously.

With this amazing transformation, Uthappa is all set to rock his performance in coming Indian Premiere League (IPL). He plays for Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in IPL.

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