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That life changing friend; for Sanju Baba, it was ‘kamli’ aka ‘Parya’


All of us have our own inner circle, the ones who keep us going. Our core people who make this world a little easier than what it is! One such living example is Paresh Ghelani, famous actor, Sanjay Dutt’s best-friend fondly called ‘Kamli’ in the film ‘Sanju’.

Paresh with Sanju

Paresh and his family moved to America early in his life and settled in Chicago and later in Los Angeles. Ghelani, A serial entrepreneur and a self-made wealthy business tycoon also known as a man with a vision is a part of companies like Moon Express and Xprize and Radimmune, companies that are solving the global challenges.

Paresh aka Parya fondly named by Sanju has been a part of Sanju’s life since his early teens after they met in New York. The two bonded over their love for music and ‘ live larger than life’ attitude. Paryastood by Sanju through thick and thin and it has been beautifully displayed in the movie as well.

Parya helped Sanju fight all the challenges thrown by life in spite of being miles apart!

Sanju and Paresh have come a long way in their respective lives,  who have always got each other’s back. They have sailed against the wind and through rough tides and the movie Sanju celebrates their bond as friends and sets new friendship goals for the new generation. Bollywood insiders know Parya and their friendship as they all have witnessed it over many years.

Paresh with Sanju

People who know Paresh say that he is a shy friend who often avoids any limelight. On some rare occasions,  we have seen Sanju play the role of the real-life big brother of Parya having him seated on his lap to their solo trips to South Africa.

Not everyone is lucky to have such friends in life! If you have one, treasure him.

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