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The Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion Is Blowing People’s Mind


'What's This Sorcery?' This Optical Illusion Is Blowing People's Mind

What do you think of the Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion?

You have to see this one to believe it – or not believe it. This optical illusion, that has gone viral on social media, is making people all over the world scratch their heads. And all it uses is a 3D object and a mirror. So go ahead and take a look:

Mind = Blown. Right?

The Ambiguous Object Illusion or the Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion was designed by Kokichi Sugihara of Meiji University in Japan. The Japanese mathematician and artist is known for his three-dimensional optical illusions. In 2016, the Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion won second place at the Best Illusion of the Year Contest.

The striking optical illusion which appears to show squares turning into circles came back to the limelight when it was shared on Instagram two days ago by an account named ‘physics fun‘. Since then it has collected hundreds of thousands of views and shocked comments on social media.

But how does this optical illusion work?

According to Science Alert, this illusion works because the squares in the object are not true squares, but more of a combination of a square and a circle.

“From certain angles, those squares look pretty even, but if you pick one up and turn it around, you’ll see that two of the sides curve upwards, and two of the sides curve down.”

“This sort of ‘corrects’ the hybrid squircle into either a square or a circle, by compensating in opposite directions,” says the explainer video on YouTube by the ‘Make Anything’ channel.

What do you think of the Ambiguous Cylinder Illusion? Let us know using the comments section below.


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