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“Nobody understands me, I am useless! I can’t live any further, nobody likes me. What it could be in that T.V. advertisement, why don’t they allow me to hang out with friends? So on and so forth!-million other thoughts like these that you came across is just another day in the life of a teenager”

From scheduling studies and play, handling peer pressure and parental expectations , from seeking inspiration from every nooks &corner to falling into the habit of romanticising every little instances with a newly found love on a social media platform and simultaneously keeping up with the expectations of parents more than the CBSE syllabus , the life of an Indian teenager goes up and down along the parameters of “Sharmaji kai ladke se tez kaun?”

So, if you’re an Indian teenager this article is truly aiming at your concerns and headaches whether it’s about your parents’ apprehensions about your future or a severe heartbreak which though only seems severe because of a newly formed adrenaline that rushes down your growing up veins. I said adrenaline because you might not be knowing about testosterone or progesterone yet. But if you know, you simply got caught here and for now, you should know that you’re not wrong if you are educating yourself about the changes your body is going through or the rush of emotions you’re brimming up with.

No, I am not here to teach you about the hormonal changes, Oops! Now you know those were the names of the hormones but nevermind, I am here, only to tell you that talking openly about such hormones and the changes your body undergoes is not a crime and definitely not a sin to be ashamed or embarrassed about.

I know now you might be thinking “who is the right person you should talk to?”

And to that, I’ll suggest your parents, could be your elder siblings or a counsellor but no one besides them and definitely not the internet. Why? Because my love, Google might know everything but it surely doesn’t know you, your emotions and your body type. I know you’re thinking the generation gap with your parents is too big to make them understand but do not forget, once they were a teenager too and have experienced the same. So, get over your hesitation, learn to approach your parents and take them as a friend whom you can open up to whether it’s about your studies, your career choice or any difficulty you’re facing in life.

This was about the mood swings you are facing and the answer to why you’re finding it difficult to keep up with your parents.

Now moving on, let’s talk about my most favourite part that is how to tackle that relativity parameter of “Sharmaji ka ladka se tez kaun?”.

See, nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent. No relative, no Sharmaji and no Sharmaji ka ladka himself. But the one who can is “YOU”. Yes, we became what we think we can and if you think you can, you simply can and vice-versa. Try this! It has always helped me and never went wrong if accompanied with a true will and hard work.

And don’t be afraid, it doesn’t imply scoring a hundred or topping the school, it simply means becoming better each day from that you were yesterday.

So, If you trust yourself, wake up early tomorrow when the Sun rises, look at it and repeat –“ I AM SECOND TO NONE” and rest of the day work to achieve it whether in studies, in building your relationship with your parents or in anything you want to excel in.

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