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This Navratri the Brahmins have all gone mad!


As offensive/amusing as it sounds, the brahmins on a very serious note, have all gone mad. Now, why do I say this?

To make you understand this, I’ll have to take you to Meerut’s Bhainsali ground. Meerut is a city in India’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh. In the Bhainsali ground, around 350 brahmins from Varanasi came together on the first day of Navratri, to curb pollution. Well, that is so thoughtful of them that they being so engaged with whatever they do (apart from counting money of their temple’s donation box) decided to do something to control pollution.

Now, how dare I call them mad?

Before you call me mad for calling these brahmins mad, who are mad anyway, I must note down the very reason of calling them mad. So what happened is, that they decided to do something to eradicate pollution. That’s a good news, had they all not have been brahmins. Because brahmins have their own ‘Godly’ ways known only to them and their Gods, to sort things out for them and the humankind.

So, as bizarre as it may sound, these brahmins decided to curb pollution by burning 500 quintals of mango wood! You heard it right! They decided to burn 500 quintals (that’s 50000 kilograms) of mango wood for no reason at all and then they claim they curbed pollution.

This insane event which they named ‘Mahayagya’ was organised by a Hindu body named Shri Ayutchandi Mahayagya Samiti. There were a total of 108 hawan kunds (fire pits) made in a 125×125 square feet yagyashala, where priests would sit to perform rituals.

Now after calling brahmins mad, I have definitely earned a ticket to Yamlok, why not get to visit Pakistan before Yamraj arrives to take me with him to his lok for insulting his companions (the brahmins). I will call Yogi Adityanath-led Uttar Pradesh government mad!

Why do I call UP government mad?

Because, the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) has refused to intervene in the matter citing it as an issue related to a particular religion. UPPCB’s regional officer RK Tyagi said there was no policy under which a probe can be issued in the matter but burning such large quantities of wood will definitely cause pollution. He added that it would be inappropriate to comment on the event.

But I am not anti-national, dare you! Bharat Mata Ki Jai! Vande Mataram! Modi Modi Modi….See!


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