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This Police constable is like a father to these poor Adivasi girls


The Police officers are perceived to be the most corrupt of all men in India, so much so that instead of feeling secure, we Indians fear to see a policeman around. When it comes to Uttar Pradesh police, the conditions are even worse, or so we believe. This inspiring story by The Second Angle of a police constable from Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh will make your day.

Sonali is a 19 years old adivasi girl. She lives in the slums near ITI, in Jhansi. All other girls of her age in the slum are married.Sonali’s parents are so poor that they were unable to marry their daughter. Manisha is another adivasi girl from the same slum.  She was also not being married by her parents because of lack of money. Losing all hopes of help, Sonali’s mother Neeru reaches Constable Jitendra Yadav for help.

Jitendra Yadav is just another constable in Uttar Pradesh police. He is currently posted in the Social Media Cell of the DSP office in Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh. What makes him different and unique is his generosity and the efforts he puts in, in making the world a better place.

Jitendra Yadav: the ‘constable’ father

When Sonali’s mother reached out to her for help, constable Jitendra not only promised her help but also arranged the entire marriage ceremony of Sonali and Manisha.  Sonali, now married, says, “Our parents had no money to marry us”. However, not only these two girls are married now but their marriage was a festival in Jhansi. Jitendra arranged the logistics of the marriage, from Pandal to suits to other important stuff that were needed in the wedding ceremony.

When asked about it, Sonali smiles and says, “My mother went to him to ask for financial help, but he, on the other hand, decided to do our Kanyadaan (the daughter giving ceremony practiced in Hindu weddings). He treated us like daughters and he is like my father”. He previously had helped Manisha complete her graduation.

“Jitendra Sir is like my father. He helped me complete my education”, said Manisha, anxiously showing her wedding pictures. Pointing out to one of her pictures with Jitendra, she says, “I won’t be able to forget him, he’s like my father”.

The two brides were sent to the most expensive beauty parlor of the city on their wedding day. The owner of the beauty parlor, after knowing about the girls charged no money from Jitendra. The beauty parlor owner, Shailesh says, “When we came to know about Jitendra helping these two adivasi girls, I felt I should also come forward to help these girls”.

“I got these two girls ready for their marriage in my parlor, and also gifted them Lehnga (a kind of wedding apparel)  and saree to both of them”, added Shailesh.

Soon this news went viral all over Jhansi. Jitendra was appreciated by one and all. So much so that even the local leaders of Jhansi came forward to appreciate Jitendra.

A local Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) leader Chandrabhan Rai said, “What Jitendra did should be appreciated by one and all. He helped two girls whom he barely knew in getting married. We need more and more people like Jitendra”.

Previously, Jitendra along with his companions Pushpendra Yadav, Rajendra Rai and Yogesh Tiwari have been teaching the poor girls of the slum, including Sonali and Manisha. These efforts of Jitendra and his companions have made them quite popular in the area, and now they have made an organization under the name ‘Ummeed Raushni Ki’ which translates ‘A ray of hope’.




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