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Years of battle comes to an end, transgender activist receives voter card at 35!


With the rapid growth of equality all over the world, India too is keeping up with the pace, making the country a better place to live for every individual!

Now when we talk about ‘every individual’, it stands for many aspects. It doesn’t limit itself to feminism,  let alone caste and creed. Equality is only possible when equal rights are given to everyone and that includes our transgender community too.

With a similar thought in mind, transgender activist Akkai Padmashali, after years of long battle, received her voter id card and became eligible for voting at the age of 35 in the Karnataka elections 2018.

Akkai Padmashali

She has always been one of the most prominent transgender activists and it’s due to her unaltered efforts it was possible for this community to vote when they received their voter id card with a female identity.

However, it’s unfortunate that even after having almost 3 million transgender people in India, only a handful of people turn up. The reason is lack of motivation due to the extremely slow social acceptance of these people.

‘WE ARE ALIENS TO THEM’- With this feeling in mind, many of them are still not ready to vote as they feel their problems have been rarely addressed.

Though a lot more motivation and encouragement are needed, slow but steady there is a positive growth in overall mentality of people.

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